Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones

Conditions of terrain steepness, fuel loading and dry winds create a potential to spread a wildfire. Once ignited, fighting wildfires is made more difficult by an inadequate water supply, narrow roads, evacuation congestion, and other factors. Where California's fire service (CAL FIRE) defines a very high wildfire threat within a municipal jurisdiction, local codes impose certain fire safety duties on property owners that must be disclosed on sale.

In this episode:

  • The wildland-urban interface
  • California's wildfire history
  • The Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone
  • Stringent local fire codes

Why is this important?

  • These are wildfire zones in a county or city jurisdiction.
  • Local fire safety codes may require certain property improvements. Buyers are advised to consult with the local planning department prior to closing escrow.
  • Disclosure to a buyer is required under state law if a property is in this zone.
  • The county or city General Plan Safety Element may provide maps of additional fire hazards.
  • This disclosure is included in First American NHD and JCP-LGS disclosure reports.

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