Seismic Hazard Mapping Act Zone

California's consumer protection laws extend to nature. As every earthquake disaster illustrates, natural hazards harm people and property - but science and engineering can reduce that damage. Modern codes and regulations strengthen our buildings and improve public safety, and California's unique hazard disclosure laws protect consumers through real estate education.

In this episode:

  • Quake-triggered ground failures
  • Landslide and liquefaction susceptibility
  • Zones of required investigation
  • Local regulation of development

Why is this important?

  • These are mapped zones of potential earthquake-induced landslides and liquefaction.
  • These zones are not intended to show potential debris flows (mudslides) or other ground failures induced by heavy rain or other causes.
  • Areas that are not mapped are disclosed as "Map not yet released by state."
  • Disclosure to a buyer is required under state law if a property is in this zone.
  • The county or city General Plan Safety Element may provide maps of additional slope stability or soil hazards.
  • These disclosures are included in First American NHD and JCP-LGS disclosure reports.

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